about us

I am Bahram Mohammadi, born in 1973 in the Afshariyeh region of Zanjan province, I was born in a religious and art-loving family. My father was one of the famous traditional dyers of Afshariyeh region and my father’s experiences in that region are still used. My mother was also one of the famous weavers and producers of that region who had many years of activities and did all the basic carpets such as weaving, dyeing and weaving themselves.

Afshari carpet is the most famous handmade carpet in European countries such as Germany, which is known as “iron carpet”.
I have been interested in drawing and painting since I was a child, and on the other hand, I have adhered to the original art of my family, namely carpet weaving, which we inherited from our ancestors. I learned carpet weaving from my mother and for several years weaving along with this job, I was engaged in carpet design.
I migrated to Qom in 1977. The reason for my migration was the centrality and fame of Qom city in designing and weaving all kinds of handmade carpets. And I found the tools of my progress in the carpet industry in this city. After years of designing and weaving carpets, I wanted to create a new design in my production work to change the design of the carpet from the “elastic bergamot” mode that has been produced and woven for many years. I designed a new project called “Circulation of the heavens and creation”.

The reason for naming this plan as “the rotation of the heavens and creation” is in fact modeled on the creation of the universe by the Lord of the worlds. And it is enough to express the fact that the creation of the world and jinn and mankind is for slavery and testing.
We, who play such a role of the creator’s art in a small painting with our little hands, then we must see the creator’s art, how he creates every moment. The rotation of the heavens is a corner of his creation, which is dedicated to his servants, which is his re-creation.
I always look forward to your steps in my store, and the smile of customers’ satisfaction with their purchase is the reward for all the years of hard work.

with respect
Bahram Mohammadi